Update Drop!

Action News Heroes Update is now available.  

This update will become mandatory on Friday 8/5/16. If you're buying Action News Heroes for the first time, no worries, you'll get the latest version automatically. If you want to force the update sooner, uninstall your current version and re-install from the store.

We think this update is going to make for a much more intuitive play experience.

Thanks to the indie community for the feedback and support!

As mentioned before this update includes the following:

  • -Ratings Bar modified to drop much slower on Level 1 and progressively get harder as the game goes on.
  • -Objective directional arrows added to radar to guide players to each Level's main objective.
  • -Decreased damage and range for all shotguns. Increased damage for flamethrowers.
  • -Added Instruction Manual to the Main Menu.

Action News Heroes RELEASE DATE!!! July 27th, 2016

Hey everyone,

We finally did it!  We passed Final Certification!  We have been given a release date of July 27th.  Please help support a local indie developer and check out the game on the 27th.  We're planning to sell the game for $9.99 on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Thanks to everyone who supported us!  

Final Cert, Take 5

We've been trying to clear Final Cert the last few weeks, sorting out some minor bugs and user issues.  We are scheduled to go back in next Wednesday the 6/29.  Hopefully this will be our very last time and we'll finally get the release date we are dying for.  

The First Post

This our first post.  We are 4 weeks out from final cert.  We have a pretty big list of issues to fix but we feel good about where we are.  Wish us luck!